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Evaluating Business Idea (no revenue)

Starting up a business can be a confusing experience. You need to: Evaluate if your idea is good enough Learn how to test the market reaction...

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Scaling up (Rev >300,000)

So it's time to really step up the gears. Scaling up is all about putting together systems which allow you to see exponential growth. These...

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Strengthen your Business (Rev >2 mil)

You’ve seen the ‘Undercover Boss’? Well that was essentially my first corporate job. Hired by the CEO of Europe’s largest...

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Multiple Award Winning Entrepreneur

Best selling author, Coach and Speaker

Hello! I’m Deepak Pathak

I love helping business both large and small to grow faster. With top level corporate experience alongside startup experience I’m the perfect person to help Double Your Success.

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Some Of My Highlights

A brief overview

Top level Corporate experience
Award winning App startup
Bestselling Kindle book
Awarded Honorary Fellowship

Handpicked and mentored by the CEO of Europe’s largest retail organisation

Founded multiple investment winning and award winning startup in the tech industry

Debut book ’10 Hacks to Double Your Success as an Entrepreneur’ becomes a bestseller on Kindle.

Recognised with an Honorary Fellowship by ‘The Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurship’


For Whom I Сan Be Helpful

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As a Speaker

As a Speaker

I am regularly invited to speak (as one offs or regularly including my comprehensive workshops) by Universities (Guest...

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Here is a list of my current products:   Books   Best-Selling Debut book: 10 hacks to Double Your Success as an Entrepreneur  ...

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What My Clients Say


Dee gave me excellent information regarding my issues, with thing I didn't even know, and there was also this very relaxed and just great mood which I think is important when personal coaching is given. This way you as a client get the feeling that you can ask anything, also “silly” questions. ”

Kiia Finland

Our company was having big issues when we hired Dee. His unique approach was a breathe of fresh air in our organisation and I wish we had hired him sooner.

Merko W (Germany)Primondo

Started working with Dee when he helped write my investment winning business plan. I enjoyed his advice so much he's now my adviser.

Stelios HambiCEO Smooth Detox

Offical Blog Updates

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How to stop being Lazy and change your life for the better, today

  Continuing the series of Throwback articles… here is a popular article I wrote on how to stop being Lazy and change your life for the better. Laziness, we all have it from time to time. These are the beliefs I repeated to myself again and again until they were part of my...

What the Olympics can teach Entrepreneurs about being successful

With the Olympics in Rio closing upon it, it’s an opportune moment to revive an article I originally wrote for the London 2012 Olympics and reflect upon what elite athletes and what the Olympics can teach Entrepreneurs about being successful. As entrepreneurs we often forget many of the other...

Three Business Tips for Startups by Alex Major

This is another in my series of throwback articles I’ve previously written. I return to the business advice of a multiple 6 figure investment winner who shares his essential business tips for startups.