30 Days to Success Course

If you want to see your business really succeed and need a helping hand figuring out how to reach that higher level of success, then this is the course for you.

In this course I tear down your business into bits and then help your rebuild it much stronger, much more focused and much better than it has ever been before…

It’s doesn’t matter if you are at idea stage or an advanced business, the tools contained within this course work for you.

In fact I’ve been using these same techniques on my own businesses and of my clients with great success so I’ve decided to put it into a system and let you be able to utilise it too.

This is a video based course with a follow along workbook (of nearly 600 pages!). It takes about 1 hour of work everyday but you are working on improving your business with a tangible takeaway from every single lesson that you can implement instantly. So even from Lesson One your business will be making improvements. But just imagine what will happen after 30 days of solid business transformation!


The topics cover:

  • Creating an actionable and detailed marketing plan
  • Exploring your personal mindset and goals
  • Looking at your business goals and creating a ‘Strategic Blueprint’ to get you there
  • Creating robust financial plans and forecasts (but don’t worry, I teach you how to do this step by step!)
  • Planning your working days and those of your staff
  • Looking at your products and knowing why they would sell
  • Building trust and respect in your marketplace so that will buy
  • Identifying new and interesting way to reach your audience
  • Your industry and what you can learn to ensure your business keep moving in the right direction.


The course is due to be released very soon. In the meantime please check out my other work here:

What we do


Lessons and more detail on them:

Day 1: The Kickass List – Step by step method to detailing your long term business priorities

Day 2: Mind your own business – An in-depth look at your business and it’s key elements

Day 3: Who are you – Understanding who your true customers are

Day 4: Your Babies – Looking at your products/services and what they mean to customers

Day 5: Your motives – Looking at you and your reasons for being in business

Day 6: Processes Processes – Time to make improvements to the way you are already working

Day 7: Come get some – How you should sell to your audience

Day 8: All about the influencers – Identifying and utilising the power of major players

Day 9: Grow baby Grow! – All about making your business grow

Day 10: Investment – working on your companies greatest asset.. you!

Day 11: Show me the money – working on your revenue models and money making

Day 12: Industry knowledge – Let’s do some homework on your industry

Day 13: Brand me – Working on your brand

Day 14: Kickass list Part 2 – Creating your Strategic blueprint

Day 15: Mentors – Using networking and mentoring effectively

Day 16: The one thing – Helping you understand the power of one and using it daily (instrumental in changing my business)

Day 17: Finance 2 – We are back to it but don’t worry, it’s step by step hand holding again

Day 18: Let’s get personal – Yep, this one is working on your again.. with an estimated 50% of CEO’s facing some form of depression, it’s just as important to work on a better you

Day 19: Get a grip – creating peace and zen in your workflow

Day 20: Risky business – Identifying and handling risks

Day 21: Buy me please – The method to creating enough trust in your brand that people buy from you

Day 22: Superstar – The art of getting people (and media) to talk about you

Day 23: Prioritise – How to decide what is important each and every day

Day 24: Keys – Identifying the keys to your success and ensuring they are in the right locks

Day 25: Kickass list Part 3 – Takes more than one lesson to make your Strategic Blueprint useful

Day 26: All about the stats – Figures are really important in your business. Learn what you should be measuring and how to increase success.

Day 27: The pursuit of excellence – Keeping one eye on the future

Day 28: Finance 3 – It’s your last one so breathe…..

Day 29: Back at ya – Bringing meaning to your business

Day 30: Reflect yo – Time to bring it all together for your brighter future.