As a Speaker
As a Speaker

I am regularly invited to speak (as one offs or regularly including my comprehensive workshops) by

on the topics of my current and upcoming books/courses:

  • Hacks to Double Your Success As An Entrepreneur (click here to read book)
  • Corporate Governance for Entrepreneurs and corporations
  • How to Double your sales effectiveness with the IMPACT tool  (Click for course)
  • My entrepreneurial journey and what I’d do differently
  • The art of negotiation and sealing the deal
  • How to write investment winning business plans (step by step guide full day/2 day workshop is also an option)
  • MVP your way to success (How to build a product that really aligns with what a customer wants)
  • The seven levels of entrepreneurship and how they effect you
  • How to assess if your idea is worth carrying forward
  • Building habits that create success
  • The art of delegation and motivating staff -learning when and what to delegate

I also have a full range of workshops where I guide your audience through a workbook to have a usable outcome by the end of the course. These can be tailored from a few hours of content to full 3 days workshops. Topics are:


  • Defining your business vision
  • Business basics – what you really do
  • Why would someone buy from you?
  • Elevator pitches that work
  • Ho to sell and reach your audience
  • Exploring your business motives and the real reason you are in business
  • Your processes. Mapping out each step and highlighting what is important
  • Influencers – How to reach them and engage with them
  • How will you grow? Defining your next steps and key stages for growth
  • Investing yourself, your weaknesses and how to address them
  • Understanding budgets and cash flows for your business
  • Create 3 year financial forecast which you can use to entice investors
  • Industry knowledge. What you should know and keep abreast of, in the pursuit of excellence
  • Importance of Brand Consistency
  • Strategic Blueprints – How to know what you should do every day
  • Your mentors and network – what you should be asking for
  • How to keep moving forward in your business no matter how busy it gets
  • Understanding data and KPI’s – how to keep it organised and decide what is important
  • Understanding risk and how to manage risk
  • Exploring PR – How to be worthy to be talked about
  • Feedback and user experience – why it is important and how to gather useful data.


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