Evaluating Business Idea (no revenue)

Starting up a business can be a confusing experience. You need to:

  • Evaluate if your idea is good enough
  • Learn how to test the market reaction
  • Write an investable business plan so you have a structure for success (and investment if needed)
  • Evaluate all your risks
  • Create your product
  • and of course learn so much about entrepreneurial life.


If you identify with any of the above, then this is how I help you (each can be done via my online courses in the comfort of your own home or with me directly:


  • Using my ‘understand your business’ model quickly evaluate your idea and identify clear actionable steps to move you forward
  • Learn the art of market testing and evaluating feedback with my ‘user analysis’ system which will help you identify improvement fast
  • Following my ‘Complete Guide To Winning Business Plans’ write  investment winning business documents in a step by step, follow along format. I’ve made it super simple for you – even the financial analysis will be breeze!
  • The ‘Tara Model’ approach will help you understand and evaluate many potential risks in your venture and help you make a considered and informed decision before you delve into a huge new venture
  • and of course – my Best-Selling Book ’10 Hacks to Double Your Success as an Entrepreneur’  showcases my capacity to help you develop and learn entrepreneurial mindsets that lead to success.


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