Launched a New Business (Rev <20,000)

Congrats, it’s an exciting stage! On top of services I offer to Pre-revenue companies:

  • Evaluate if your idea is good enough
  • Learn how to test the market reaction
  • Write an investable business plan so you have a structure for success (and investment if needed)
  • Evaluate all your risks
  • Define the process to create your product/service
  • and of course learn so much about entrepreneurial life.

I also help you:

  • Detail a three year ‘Success Blueprint’ which helps define which projects you will undertake to reach your goal and where along the way you will need to employ extra staff
  • Understand how to manage and train staff so that they are in the right places with the right targets and the right vision to work with you towards making the company a great success
  • Step back from the business and see improvements which can save you time whilst making you more money/freedom
  • Learn the growth mindset required by high powered entrepreneurs
  • Evaluate setbacks and find ways around them (every venture has setbacks, the successful find ways around them)


If you identify with any of the above, then this is how I help you (each can be done via my online courses in the comfort of your own home or with me directly: