Strengthen your Business (Rev >2 mil)

You’ve seen the ‘Undercover Boss’? Well that was essentially my first corporate job.

Hired by the CEO of Europe’s largest retail company (2.2.4 Billion turnover), he hired me to help turn his company around with me reporting directly back to him.

Company performance is often measured on historic figures. How well you did last year or last month, meaning that current problems are either not noticed or ignored until they become so big they could cause huge problems. Information flow to the top is always diluted as it goes through multiple managers, none of whom want to be seen as at fault. Couple that with huge targets and excess work and it’s clear to see how serious issues can be missed in large organisation.

That’s where I come in.. I was hired to use a unique bottom up approach. Empowered by the CEO I was placed in multiple departments and projects where I got hands on and heard first hand from employees of both the problems and the solutions. Solutions which when using managers as mentors, mean that teams of employees will themselves fix your company and make it the most efficient it has ever been.


My results:

  • Fixed a long standing issue with the help of employees which saved the company $60 million in just one weekend.
  • Identified serious flaws in work process which were in many cases illegal and needed reeducation of employees.
  • Created ‘improvement’ initiatives which empowered 140 top level executives to come together into teams and fix long standing issues together in a well thought out and collaborative process.


The format is essentially:

  • Understand your organisation, structure and objectives as a board level
  • Identifying potential problem areas that need improvement
  • Working with your managers and staff on designated projects that are of strategic importance to your company
  • Creating an improvement mentality and empowering employees to take positive action
  • Considering legacy issues
  • Continual assessment at regular intervals

The project tend to see me in house (worldwide), sometimes with my team for between 3-12 months,


The first 6 weeks are usually just understanding your company and it’s key people (usually by working on a small project that must involve quick input from key people) and then the real work can begin once people see me as on their side.


What it requires:

  • Change mindset from the board/senior management
  • Direct contact to the senior management who have ability to empower me and implement my plans