Continuing the series of Throwback articles… here is a popular article I wrote on how to stop being Lazy and change your life for the better. Laziness, we all have it from time to time. These are the beliefs I repeated to myself again and again until they were part of my nature:


How to stop being lazy - DoubleYourSuccess(dotcom)

Belief one in How to Stop being Lazy:

Today is the day I change my life for the better

Break it down:

  • What happened yesterday is yesterday. Today is a new dawn and a new me.
  • I am impressive, I just need to catch the attention of the world so they know it.

Belief Two in How to Stop being Lazy:

The better me starts right now

Break it down:

  • I start right now, not in 5 minutes or even tomorrow but right now.
  • What can I do right now:
  1. Get up off my ass
  2. Gather whatever I need
  3. Just Start
  • I can do whatever I dedicate myself too, and Im dedicating myself to completing this task

Belief three in How to Stop being Lazy:

Nothing is hard when I take the time to analyse and break it down into smaller tasks

Break it down:

  • Time to think: What have I been putting off
  • Split my task into mini tasks
  • Prioritise the mini tasks into those which are most important
  • If stuck seek help, but continue with whatever you can complete now

Belief four in How to Stop being Lazy:

Something is better then nothing

Break it down:

  • If I don’t start then I achieve nothing
  • If I just start I have something which is better then nothing
  • Do not think too much, just start.
  • Solve problems quickly or put them to one side and continue with things you can do

Belief five in How to Stop being Lazy:

I will not stop until I have the life I dreamed of

Break it down:

  • I deserve the success that will come with my efforts
  • My hard work will be rewarded throughout the rest of my life
  • I deserve the rewards from my success now not later

Belief six in How to Stop being Lazy:

Helping others to success strengthens my resolve further to succeed

Break it down:

  • As I help others learn these principles I constantly remind myself of them which makes my life even better
  • I will share these principles in the hope it will inspire others as it has inspired me
  • Today is the day not only I change for the better but I help those willing around me to change for the better too

Belief seven in How to Stop being Lazy:

Today is the day I change my life for the better

Break it down:

  • I have the strength to ignore every distraction
  • I repeat my beliefs every morning when I wake and last thing at night
  • I will use my improved life status to help others
  • I document freely my life changing experience on my blog so that others may benefit from what I learn

I encourage you also to ponder these beliefs and encourage those around you to read them too.

Your better starts right now.

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